Nachhaltig in die Zukunft: KLIMASONG - Wake me up

Wir haben den bereits existierenden Song "wake me up" umgeschrieben und unsere Sängerin mit alten Büchsen, Gläsern und Töpfen, zusammen mit der Klavierbegleitung, rhythmisch unterstützt.Strophe 1:Feeling my way trough the heat waveGuided by a hopeful dreamWe want to stop the pollutionAnd we know where to startWe want to start recyclingWe want to protect the worldWell, life will pass us by if we don't open our eyesWell, we should start
Refrain (2x):Wake me up, when it's much colderWhen the disaster is all overAll this time we were using our cars, and wedidn't know what we've done
Strophe 2:I tried taking away the trash from this worldBut I only have two handsHope I get the chance to travel the worldif it's not destroyedI think the world could stay forever this youngif we would take careThis world is made for everyoneand we all have to care
Refrain (2x)
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