Meat Free Monday

After MyClimate visited ISZL in November, the school Green Team and Environment Club decided to organise a Meat Free Monday. They were particularly touched by the facts about the amount of rainforest saved by not eating meat. They also watched a BBC documentary.
They organised a vegetarian tasting day and cooked food for students to try. They also met with the High School Principal and the chef to agree to the Meat Free Mondays. They spoke in assembly to promote the idea and put posters up around the school.
Three meat free Mondays happened and then the chef decided to stop without asking. We are now waiting for a meeting with the catering company's owner to discuss restarting the Meat Free Monday. The students have raised a petition, talked to other students, met with the Head of School but are still waiting for a response from the catering company. They are very determined to implement this initiative on a permanent basis.
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